What is carsharing?

What is Carsharing?


Car sharing is a neighbourhood-based transportation service that allows people to use a car when they need one, while spreading out the cost of ownership and maintenance.

The average car spends 90% of its life parked – car sharing puts that time to use.

Car sharing provides fast and easy access to personal transportation.

CarShare NL envisions an arrangement similar to other car share organizations in Canada: go online, book a car that’s parked nearby, get in, and go.

Unlike a rental car, car sharing puts a vehicle in your neighbourhood, available by the hour, 24/7/365. The hourly rate includes the car, insurance, maintentance, and gas.

Members put down a refundable deposit to join – that also means that this is a system that is targeted at residents, rather than tourists; car share cars won’t all disappear in the summers.

Car sharing is an environmentally friendly way to get around. By allowing people to get by with fewer vehicles, car share organizations help keep our air cleaner.