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Would you like benefits of car ownership without the costs and hassle of owning one? Then car sharing is for you. CarShare NL is setting up a car sharing cooperative that will have vehicles located around town that members can use on a pay-per-use basis.

No surprise repair bills. No gas bills. No insurance bills.

Just a car when you need it, and fewer cars sitting in parking spaces.


Get Involved

Join us for the ride!

Want to help make all this a reality? We’re looking to expand our team of volunteers and supporters. Here’s how you can get involved:

• Membership: Become part of the first 60 for launch in 2023.
• Promotion and marketing: Volunteer and help us make CarShare NL a well-known brand.
• Funding applications: Help us find funds to power our growth.
• Business planning: help us launch a strong and savvy social enterprise.

Who we are

Carshare NL is a community cooperative laying the foundations of a car sharing service in St John’s. CarShare NL envisions St. John’s as a community where people can have easy access to a car (or a second car) without the expense of ownership.

Our local founding team is a diverse group of individuals with a potent mix of passionate idealism and seasoned know-how. We all have a strong love for this city and see the potential for CarShare NL to become an integral and thriving part of a place that is bursting with economic and social development.

We will run CarShare NL as a social enterprise, which mixes sound business practice with community-minded purpose.

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