Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the below details are subject to change. Please contact for more information.


When can I sign up and start driving?

We are working hard to have vehicles on the road and ready to drive by Spring 2016. We have just received our cooperative status from the government and will soon be ready to sell memberships.


How much does it cost?

While the fees are still being finalized we can give you an approximate idea of the cost of membership and using a CarShare NL vehicle (IMPORTANT: these prices may change as we finalize vehicle purchase and insurance agreements).

There will be a one-time membership fee of $500, which is refundable should you ever which to leave the co-op. This fee makes you part owner of CarShare NL, which means you get a say (and a vote!) in major decisions. There will be a non-refundable $25 application fee for each driver.

Once you are a member, you will only pay when you use the car (by means of a convenient invoice at the end of the month). The rates will likely be $5.00/hour and $0.40/km.

The above fees include gas, insurance, the cost of the car, and maintenance.


What kind of cars will there be?

We are planning to launch with versatile 5-passenger cars with ample cargo space. As our membership grows (and as demand dictates) we will look into adding a pickup truck or cargo van.


Where will the vehicles be?

Each vehicle will have a designated parking space. Members will pick up and return vehicles to their designated space. We won’t be able to accommodate on-way trips until we have vehicles all over the city (i.e. you won’t be able to pick up a car in one spot and return it to another).

We are going to place our first few vehicles in the Goergestown/downtown area. As membership grows we will spread out along the downtown to MUN corridor and then on to the rest of the city.


Will there be corporate membership? Household membership?

Yes and yes! Corporate and household memberships will function in a similar fashion. Only one $500 membership fee is required but there will be a separate $25 application fee for each driver. (Remember these prices aren’t yet finalized!)


How do I reserve a car?

There will be an online booking system that you will able to access anywhere at anytime. We also will have a staff member working normal business hours should you wish to phone in a booking.


After I’ve booked a vehicle, how do I unlock it?

All members will be given smart cards that will allow access to the vehicle that they booked.


I have more questions!!

We are working hard to finalized many more details. If you would like more information please email us at


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